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Abbreviations and Glossary

This should not be considered a comprehensive list, this is just a start.
OOCOut of Character
ICIn Character
MCMembership Class. A bonus given to players for service to club
DowntimeThe time that passes between games. Players submit what they want their character to have done leading up to the next session
ProxySending your character to a game that you can not attend in person
STStory Teller - in other systems, a GM or games master
CoordinatorThe person in charge of organizing the game. The STs handle story and plot aspects of the game, the Coordinators handle everything else.
VenueThe location of an actual game, and the basic unit of the club. Usually each Genre has its own Venue...quite frequently it's the same physical location, but different games. Domain+Genre=Venue
DomainTypically a Domain corresponds to a City. A domain typical consists of several Venues.
Genre The Cam plays several White Wolf Games. At the moment, we play Vampire:Requiem, Mage:The Awakening, and Werewolf:The Forsaken. A Domain can have several genres... usually one Venue per Genre
VSTVenue Story Teller: The ST running a the local game.
VCVenue Coordinator: The Coordinator setting up the local game. The VC is responsible for setting up, shutting down, organizing Drink and Snacks, and so forth.
DSTDomain Story Teller: Responsible for coordinating the in-game plots and storylines for a Domain. Most games are reasonably self contained, but sinces they are happening in the same city, sometimes what happens in one game will effect other games. Such as when someone blows up a major landmark... yes, it has happened.
DCDomain Coordinator: Co-ordinates the activities of the various VCs. Is usually responsible for hiring the hall, paying the rent, banking and so forth.
NSTNational Story Teller: Handles in-game plots and storylines for the entire country.
NCNational Coordinator
DNCDeputy National Coordinator
AVC,AVST,ADC etcMost positions can have assistants... thus ADC is Assistant Domain Coordinator, and so forth.
CheeseA slang term, generally meaning character abilites that are powerful out of proportion to the cost. No system is perfect, and most game systems have the potential to be rorted. WoD is no exception...
Cheese or Cheesing is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as it isn't misused... but building stupidly optimized characters and then using them to kill or dominate other player characters is frowned upon.
NewbieA new player. New players are encouraged...please play!! and it is club policy to actively involve new players in plot, and avoid killing off new characters until they've had a chance to get used to the game. This is not an excuse to abuse the the system, though...
More to follow...