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Vampire: Requiem

Vampires: Cursed immortals that rule the night.
Every vampire belongs to a Clan. Most also belong to a Covenant.

General Terms

Kindreda term Vampires use for themselves
ClansThe family a vampire belongs to.
CovenantsThe political affiliation of the vampire.
BPBlood Potency (determines many things, one of which is what a vampire can feed on: animals, humans, or other kindred)

The Clans

DeavaEmotional, sensual and desirable
GangrelPrimal, hardy and savage
MekhetQuick, discreet and wise
NosferatuStealthy, strong and terrifying
VentrueRegal, commanding and aristocratic

The Covenants

The Carthiansseek to reconcile the Kindred society with modern governmental structures and social systems
The Circle of the Cronevenerates a variety of female figures as an amalgamated creator of vampires, the Mother of all Monsters
The Invictusis the aristocracy of the night
The Lancea Sanctumseeks to influence Kindred society with the strictures of Longinus, who is believed to have been turned into one of the Damned by the very blood of Christ.
The Ordo Draculcommand rituals and mystical knowledge that allows the Kindred to transcend their vampiric states

Werewolf:The Forsaken

Werewolves: Guardians of the spirit world, warriors in the darkness.
Each werewolf belongs to a Tribe and is possessed of an Auspice

General Terms

AuspiceDefines your role in Werewolf society
EssenceThe magical mojo that powers werewolves’ special abilities
Primal UrgeYour connection to your instincts
TribeThe group you joined that share similar ideals to you
Urathaa term Werewolves use for themselves

The Tribes

Blood TalonsWarriors, defenders, champions
Bone ShadowsShaman, wise men and women, seers
Hunters in DarknessStalkers, assassins, guardians
Iron MastersInnovators, progressives, improvisers
Storm LordsCommanders, aristocracy, alphas

The Auspices

Rahu (Full Moon)Detemined, aggressive, warlike
Cahalith (Gibbous Moon)Passionate, thoughtful, expressive
Elodoth (Half Moon)Discerning, observant, even-tempered
Ithaeur (Crescent Moon)Contemplative, foresightful, spiritual
Irraka (New Moon)Inquisitive, contrary, resourceful

Mage:The Awakening

Mages: Possessors of arcane knowledge and mystic powers.
Each Mage belongs to a Path and is may also belong to an Order

The Paths

AcanthusEpitomise the tarot trump of "The Fool", relying on luck and intuition to guide their way.
MastigosEpitomise the tarot trump of "The Devil", exulting in unfettered will.
MorosEpitomise the tarot trump of "Death", remaining steadfast during change.
ObrimosEpitomise the tarot trump of "Strength", pursuing a divine mandate
ThyrsusEpitomise the tarot trump of "The Moon", following the allure of passion and impulsive action

The Orders

The Adamantine ArrowDefends sanctums and cabals with its combat magic
The Free CouncilSeeks to escape the strictures of the past and modernise the craft of magic
The Guardians of the VeilProtect the Mysteries from any who would despoil them or dare reveal them to the unenlightened
The MysteriumSearches for valuable lore hidden throughout the material and invisible worlds.
The Silver LadderDesires to establish a proper hierarchy of the Awakened - with its members at the top.