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How to join the Camarilla

To join the Camarilla you should first talk to a Coordinator is your area. Your can see the cities where the there are established Camarilla presences here.

If there is no existing Camarilla presence in your area, you could start your own domain. You will need to get together a group of friends. Ten members are needed to start a new domain, if it is to be within 50km of an existing domain. Outside that range, only five members are required. Then contact the National Membership Coordinator, who will forward you the necessary paperwork and offer other advice.

Whichever group you choose to play with, membership is to the national body, and membership forms (which can be obtained from the Coordinator of an existing domain or downloaded here) should be posted to the address on the form, together with payment.

Alternatively, you can apply online and recieve a free 6 month membership.

When your form and payment are received by the NMC's office, you will be posted a welcome letter and your membership card. Your membership card will list your name, your membership number, the name of the domain you have chosen to belong to (or the geographically nearest if you have not chosen yourself), and your expiry date. There is a space for a signature, please sign your card. It's often a good idea to laminate your card after signing so that it lasts the whole year.

National Membership Coordinator: Shannon Spanks

Note: there are some restrictions on who can join the Camarilla.