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Hand Signals

Heightened Senses
Heightened Senses: If you have the discipline Auspex - Heightened Senses or the correct form of the merit Acute Sense, you can indicate that you are making use of your exceptional sensory powers by pointing to the correct organ. Point to your eye to indicate enhanced sight or your ear to indicate enhanced hearing.
If you see a player making the sign for Heightened Senses: Hearing and they seem to be listening into your conversation, assume that you do not notice. Heightened Senses: Touch, Taste and Smell may also be activated by pointing to ones hand, nose or mouth, however, they seldom come into play.
Foreign Language
Foreign Language: If your character speaks a language that is not English, make an "L" with your thumb and index figure to indicate this. If you see somebody making this gesture, assume that you do not understand what they are saying, unless your character speaks the same non-English language.
Obfuscated: If you have the discipline Obfuscate, and you activate it, cross your arms against your chest to indicate you are using it to not be seen. If you see someone making this sign, assume you do not see them IC, unless you have some sort of power that would let you.
To all intents and purposes they are invisible.
Out of Character OOC: The player is Out of Character... so it's the player talking rather than the character. If the player is moving around when making this sign, it means that the character is not walking through the room, and should be ignored.
It's quite common practice for a player to make this sign, walk across the room, get a drink, and return... the player has moved, but the character hasn't. You get used to it very quickly.